Organ at St Hilary's Church, Killay

Allen Digital Computer Organ 1996

Great Organ
1Contra Dulciana - Quintadena      16
2Rohr Flute - Holzgedeckt 8
3Flute Celeste 8
4Open Diapason - Principal 8
5Spitz Flute - Harmonic Flute 4
6Octave 4
7Wald Flute 2
8Super Octave 2
9Mixture IV
10Cymbale III
11Trumpet 8
12Krummhorn 8
Swell Organ
1Viola 8
2Viola Celeste 8
3Gedackt - Tuba 8
4Koppel Flute - Open Flute 8
5Spitz Principal 8
6Nazard - Clarinet 8 2 2/3
7Block Flute 2
8Tierce - Cor Anglais 8 1 3/5
9Fourniture IV
10Contra Fagotto 16
11Trumpet 8
12Clarion 4
Pedal Organ
1Contra Violone 32
2Open Diapason 16
3Dulciana - Quintadena 16
4Bourdon - Subbass 16
5Echo Bourdon 16
5Octave - Octav 8
6Bass Flute 8
7Choral Bass 4
8Mixture IV
9Posaune 16
10Trumpet 8
11Clarion 4

Classic Voicing Solo voices

Four large speakers are in the roof of the Clergy Vestry. The Organ has two Manuals and full Pedalboard with moving Drawstops. The three stops marked Trumpet 8 each have an individual tone and strength. A feature of this Organ is that when Classic Voicing is drawn, all the stops in italics operate on the Great and the Pedals; when Solo Voices is drawn, the Swell stops in italics operate. There are six Thumb Pistons to each department and ten General Pistons, all duplicated by Pedal Pistons. There are Expression Pedals to 1. Great and Pedal; 2. Swell; 3; General Crescendo. Also a Sequencer and Transposer, a Clock, two Pleno Pistons, Harp, Carillon, Handbells, Full Tremulants etc. All Pistons can be set by a four-channel capture system. Thus this is a comprehensive, flexible and well-thought-out instrument; American in origin, but British in flavour.

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