Alltwen Organ

The organ has been built by Mr J J Binns, of Bramley, Leeds and consists of three complete manuals, having a compass of CC to C (61 notes) and an indepenent Pedal Organ CCC to F(30 notes). The whole of the Organ is worked by "Binns' Patent Tubular Pneumatic Action", and the blowing effect by a Patent Hydraulic Engine, made by Wilkins & Watson, London


Great Organ
1Double Open Diapason       16
2Large Open Diapason8
3Small Open Diapason8
4Dolce 8
5Hohl Flute 8
6Harmonic Flute 4
7Principal 4
8Fifteenth 2
9Trumpet 8
Swell Organ
1Lieblich Bourdon 16
2Violin Diapason 8
3Rohr Flute 8
4Salicional 8
5Voix Celeste 8
6Gemshorn 4
7Picollo 2
8Mixture 3 ranks
9Vox Humana 8
10Oboe 8
11Horn 8
Choir Organ
1 Geigen Principal 8
2 Lieblich Gedact 8
3 Viol d'Orchestre 8
4Dulciana 8
5Saube Flute 4
6Clarionet 8
Pedal Organ
1Harmonic Bass 32
2Open Diapason 16
3Bourdon 16
4Bass Flute 8
5Octave Diapason 8
6Trombone 16
1Great to Pedal
2Swell to Pedal
3Choir to Pedal
4Swell to Choir
5Swell to Great
6Choir to Great
7 Swell Sub Octave
8Swell Octave
9 Swell to Great Sub Octave
10Swell to Great Octave
11 Choir Sub Octave
12 Choir to Great Sub Octave
13Tremulant to Swell
14Tremulant to Choir

Four combination pedals to Swell Organ
Four combination pedals to Great Organ
Great to Pedal reversible pedal
Balanced crescendo pedal to Swell Organ
Balanced crescendo pedal to Choir Organ

Total number of pipes 1822

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